About Us

Blong was born in the veggie patch in front of a bumper crop of tomatoes. Blong grew from the simple thought that there should be some easy way to offer these tomatoes to people living in this street. This thought led to a whole lot of ideas about the fragmentation of community in today’s modern technology oriented world.

We wondered, could technology – an app – be designed to help build communities? To support and encourage connection in the true sense of people actually getting together.

After much deliberation and work, we launched Blong. Blong is about coming together to do something together. Blong lives in a drop by, pop in, pick it up, give you a lift, can I borrow, can I help with, see you tomorrow world.

Blong can help you in your community. It recalls the milk bar notice board, the posters on the electricity pole, the handwritten flyer from the neighbor in the letter box, the town crier, the notice board at work in the canteen. Blong helps you engage with your local community. It is based on meeting face to face with somebody who lives, works or plays at a shared place.

The key is to get involved. Create your own community. Find something in your community that matters to you and create a community to address it. You will be amazed how many people want to clean up that beach, share home grown veggies or come together to just have fun!

Or just get involved by joining an existing community.

Blong is local. It is your community. When you log in you see news and events from your local area. Stuff that matters to you and events you will want to attend.

For existing clubs and community groups, Blong makes communication with members and managing events easy. The Newsfeed feature means you can tell the local community what your group is doing and encourage others to join you. The Events feature makes managing attendance easy and allows you to tell the local community what’s on.

Blong is free but we need to recover our costs in creating and maintaining Blong. So we created Blong Pro. Modern enterprise and large community organisations are a collection of communities. Blong Pro builds on this philosophy and the fundamentals of Blong to create an enterprise or organization wide communication platform. This platform is Blong Pro and it is available on a Software as a Service basis.

In our journey to develop this app we have also come across many, many people who are working tirelessly to build their local community. We believe these people are true heroes – selflessly sacrificing their own time, energy and money to make our communities better. These people run the local footy club, the school parents and teachers, the local horticultural society and numerous other groups and clubs. They enrich the community. We want you to use Blong to join them – to become one of them.

Blong – Connecting your local community

How Blong Works

Simply open the app and search your loction to see what is happening in your local area. You can read the local news and see what local events are happening this weekend. Blong helps you connect with your local community.

However, to get involved, you need to create a Blong account via the menu. An account allows you to set up a community or apply to join a community.

Blong is for private use, not-for-profit clubs and community groups. We reserve the right to remove overt commercial use of open communities on Blong

Getting Involved

A community is the basic building block of Blong.

Once you have an account you can go to the main menu and create your own communities and invite others to join. Or you can search for communities in your local area to join. Search by location because everything in Blong is about your local community.

Communities can be private (your application to join must be confirmed) or public (anybody can join). You decide whether your community is private or public when you create the community.

There is no limit to purpose or number of communities you may want to create. Create a community for your street, your family, your fishing buddies, the golf club, parents year 3 at the local primary school. Simply go to the menu, press create community and enter the details of your community and something about the community to tell others about why your community has been created.

Take time to really describe the purpose of the community and for private communities detail any membership requirements eg any subscription fees and so on. This information is to help other Blong users in their search for communities and clubs they may want to join.

Having created the community, you need to invite people to join your community. Simply list email addresses for those you want to invite and Blong does the rest.

Blong will send an email telling them that you have invited them to join your community and what they need to do to accept the invitation.

When you set up your community, Blong will send you an email with some helpful hints and tips. Included is a flyer you can use to letter box drop your street or hand out to others you want to join your community. This is an easy way to get people involved when you don’t have their email addresses.


When you create a community you automatically become the coordinator of that community. As coordinator you can:

  1. Manage membership
  2. Create News Items and Events
  3. Delegate the creation of Newsfeed and Events to others

As coordinator you decide who can join the community and only you can delete people from the community.

Making Blong Work for Your Community – Newsfeed, Events and Market Place.

Once your community is established on Blong members can:

  1. Respond to event invitations
  2. Read a newsfeed from their communities and other local communities
  3. Use a notice board to buy/sell/share/give away products and services

Newsfeed and Events created by a community can be public or private. In Blong public means the event or newsfeed created by that community can be seen by all members of that community and all other Blong users in the local area. Private Newsfeed and Events can only be seen by members of that community. You create Newsfeed and Events by highlighting a community from your list of communities and pressing the down key to bring up the community action menu.


An Event is a get together at a place and time. Press create an event in the community action menu. Enter the event name, the date and time and the place and set the event to private or public. Default is private. You can also allow members to bring guests to a private event

For a private event, all members of the community will receive the invite and the option to respond Yes, No or Maybe. As coordinator you will see a list of members and the number of guests in each of these categories and to be able to send event updates to those attending. Members can add the event to their calendar.

A public event eg a school fete can be seen by any Blong user in the local area in addition to the members of that community. There is no reply option but any Blong user can add the event to their calendar so they won’t forget when the event is on. This is free advertising for your community event.


Newsfeed allows you to keep your community informed. You might publish the winners of the raffle, a picture and news item on a successful event, some useful how-to tips for your members. The list of possible items is endless.

As with events you get to choose whether your newsfeed item is private (limited to members only) or made public.

Market Place

You can post notices in Market Place under four categories (Buy, Sell, Borrow, Ride Share). In the main menu create a Market Place post under My Market Place posts. Enter details of the item or service you want to sell, buy or borrow or details of the ride you want and post the notice. You decide who will be able to see your Market Place post. You can post to just the members of one or more of your communities or to members of all your communities who live within 30km of you.

People will respond to your post via email.

How to download Blong

Blong Pro

Blong Pro

Blong Pro is an app based communication platform for large organisations looking to engage audiences more effectively than email or intranet based communication platforms.

Blong Pro is focused on communicating with and engaging people. It does this one job really well. It is not an enterprise social network and it is not a collaboration/file sharing system.

This focus makes Blong Pro a communication platform that is effective, simple to learn, quick to implement, easy to administer and low cost.

Modern enterprises and organisations are increasingly a group of communities or stakeholders working together with a shared purpose.

For companies contractors, customers, clients, remote employees, casuals, suppliers and teams in factories, warehouses and shops are all key to delivering results and are all traditionally ignored by internal email based communication.

For community organisations, the complexity of a hierarchy from team to club to state and then national body often defeats traditional email based communication.

Historically, large organisations are forced to resort to blunt tools such as newsletters/magazines, social media or websites – lumping all of those different messages to all those different audiences into one big noisy box.

If you are using the noisy box, talk to us. We will show you how to do the same job better, easier and cheaper. Blong Pro will create a communication stream that is tailored to all the different audiences you deal with both in and outside your organization.

In one month from agreement to proceed we will build and implement for you a communication platform that:

  1. recognizes that enterprise and engagement starts at the local level
  2. tailors your communication and engagement to specific stakeholders.

If you want to know more about Blong Pro, including pricing and trialling, contact our sales team.


These hints and tips will help you make the most of the Blong App. If you have questions not answered here please contact us and we will do our best to answer you directly.

  • What is local in Blong? Why do I need to put in an address to search for communities? Blong is about connecting you to your local community. We assume that most of the time you want to see Newsfeed, Events and find communities in your local area – defined in Blong as 30km from where you are. You can search for communities by specific places if you are holidays for example and want to check out what is happening in that area. You still get results for that place and 30km around it.
  • Delegating the right to enter news and events. Be careful about just how many people to whom you delegate. Blong is specifically designed not to be a social media site. We want to encourage people to meet in person, to come together at a place to talk and do things together. Avoid the temptation to encourage people to respond to Newsfeed with more Newsfeed. There are lots of blogs and social media vehicle to carry out “chat”.
  • Stay logged in. One of the most powerful features of Blong is the notifications you receive about events and market place posts. Blong can only send you notifications when you are logged in. We don’t keep device details so the only way we can ensure news and events and market place posts go to the people they are intended to go to is to only send them once you log in. When you log in we check for new Newsfeed, events and market place posts from your communities. Stay logged in a get them the moment they are created.
  • Costs, memory and data. The Blong app is free. But like all apps you use data when you download the app and each time the app updates Newsfeed, Events and Communities. We have designed the app to use as little data as possible. We find that for the average user data used per month tends to be very small – similar to other apps you might currently have on your phone. And that is permanently logged on. The app uses approx. 50MB of memory.
  • How do we make money? Blong is a private business. We spent a lot of time, money and energy building the app and it costs us to maintain it and continue to develop it and to provide the support we do to coordinators. Blong Pro is our commercial offer.
  • How often should we put out Newsfeed? Is newsfeed supposed to replace our monthly flyer or circular? Put out Newsfeed as the news happens. That way your members are always up to date, they hear it first from you and the public gets regular exposure to what you are doing as a community. You may still choose to put out a monthly magazine or report but that’s a call for you. If you do, use Newsfeed to publicise that the magazine/report has gone out and provide a link so people can download it. Newsfeed is great free advertising for your community. Use it to raise your community's profile and attract new members. Make Newsfeed brief. You can use links to your website for detail.
  • Don’t forget to register to create your own Blong account. If you don’t create an account you won’t get private newsfeed or see invitations to private events or be able to join communities.
  • Getting an existing club or community group on Blong is easy. Simply register or log in, set up your community by going to create community in the main menu. If you have more than 30 members send us an email with some details about your club or community group with the email addresses for your members attached in a list form. We will send your members an invite. We can also arrange flyers you can use to explain the benefits of your members using Blong.
  • How private is my data/information? We take privacy very seriously. In fact one of the driving forces behind Blong was to create an app that minimized the amount of information about users and members that is available to other users of the app. The only people who see your details are the coordinator of your community and us. And we do not share your details with anybody who is not working for us.
  • Dob in those who are not behaving. Our terms and conditions specifically lay out behaviour and activity that is unacceptable to us. Call us prudes or old fashion but we don’t condone on our site what might be normal behavior or content on some other sites. We are about working together for the good of the community. Working together means listening to and supporting each other and sharing values that we would like to hand on to our children. If you see something you would like us to address then please contact us and give us the details.

Contact Us

Feel free to drop us a note with any questions or comments you have.